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Tan a Sac is the revolutionary new product designed to protect your bedding when you self tan! Self tanning might make us look gorgeous but it certainly doesn't do the same for our bedding, leaving ugly orange streaks and that distinctly odd smell!

100% cotton and able to fit any size bed, Tan a Sac protects your sheets and prevents the need for washing. Not only does this mean stress-free tanning, but it also saves you time. We are passionate about our product and would love to tell you more so click here!

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Tan a Sac News

New Website Launched
Tan a Sac is happy to announce the launch of our new retail website, incorporating our new interactive gallery and Online Store.

UK launch coming soon..
It isnít long until Tan a Sac is finally lauched in UK stores nationwide! Until then, Tan a Sac can now be ordered online.
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